Staffing Solutions

Payroll Management

Alphine offers clients with an integrated payroll solution that optimize clients’ processing costs while ensuring quality and consistent execution of payroll and compliance requirements.

Beginning with payroll function of Payroll processing, we offer:

  • Employee Self Service
  • Flexi Benefit Administration
  • Expense Management
  • Client Self Service
  • Leave/Absence Management
  • Tax Proof Management
  • Reports & Analytics

Today, Alphine is considered as a reliable payroll management service provider for many companies who are in Big Data / Analytics stream. We offer easy-to-use solutions and services.

Payroll Processing

Besides to keeping up with constantly evolving regulations, complying with rates and government rules, we offer all payroll processing services. Some of the benefits include:

  • Comprehensive services from payroll induction and settlements
  • Quicker payroll processing for taking care of reimbursement issues
  • Total compliance for payroll related taxes and other statutory deductions
  • Generation of all required MIS reports

Compliance Management

We have with us world-class tools and processes to support rules and regulations, standards and specific guidelines based on Payroll & Labor laws of local governments. We ensure a quicker and cost-effective payroll services.

Structured On-boarding

We offer companies structured on-boarding services which every new employee has to undergo in your organisation. This process may include detailed timelines and benchmarks, specific action items and goals. We act as a channel between both the company and new employee. We enable both to leave nothing to interpretation and establish shared expectations.

We provide initial training using structured training plan and detailed insights in terms of work environment, timings, roles and responsibilities, client-specific needs, quality specifications, development orientation, technology standards, testing environments, goals, activities, product training, competition, prospecting, order processing, customer service, market evaluations, performance metrics, etc.

Recruitment Support

You may need top-class talent for various current jobs and forthcoming requirements. In such case, we do detailed Talent Analysis and understand your recruitment needs. Accordingly, we will prepare a search strategy to search the right talent (resources) for you using in-house databases and online sources.

We can also help you in conducting Technical Tests, Subject Oriented Exams, Aptitude and Attitude Screenings, etc. We help your in-house recruitment division for better talent deployment and talent management.

Contract to Hire

Is your recruitment team is engaged for innumerable hours to recruit, search, analyse, verify, test, interview and recruit the talent for various job openings?

We have answers for all your concerns. Now you can avail our Contract to Hire services, to transfer your entire recruitment burden to our experienced team of recruitment experts. We help you by retaining the employees on our rolls while you test their skills, experience, capabilities, compatibility with your work culture, etc. Upon successful completion of contract, you may choose to hire well apprised employee on to your rolls.

Domestic & Overseas Placements

Hiring for either domestic or overseas operations is very crucial as the right talent bring in enormous value addition and wrong choice may devalue your image. Hence, staffing require very focus process through which you need to select only the most qualified candidates with relevant experience, skills, capacities, qualifications, certifications, etc.

At Neelson IT Services, we provide complete support for all your domestic (within India) or overseas placement requirements.

All you need to do is to give your exact talent requirement. We do the rest… Using our databases, international profile banks, referrals, other 3rd party sources, etc., we find many suitable candidates according to your needs.

We also help you in conducting technical interviews, online tests, group discussions, etc. to test the capabilities of candidates in the most cost-effective manner. We ensure the highest level of quality in the entire process. We also get their background, qualifications and other statutory factors thoroughly verified.

In case of any candidate quits / misfits in the position on the later stage, we can ensure a suitable replacement according to our Service Level Agreements (SLA) with you.